Celebrating the life, honoring the memory, and perpetuating the legacy of Cedric “CedintheCity” Hutchison II

Background & History

Cedric Hutchison was many things – a thoughtful visionary, compassionate leader, spirited activator, and creative thinker. Above all, he was passionate about education, travel, and culture and spent the best years of his life integrating all three by teaching abroad and traveling the world every opportunity he got. It wasn’t enough for him to do it for himself; he was equally passionate about inspiring others, especially African Americans, to explore and wander too. It was from this passion that CedintheCity Scholars and the Roaming Republic were birthed. Cedric awarded the first scholarship in 2018. While he may no longer be with us in the flesh, we are excited for his legacy to live on through the CedintheCity Scholarship in his memory.

Scholarship Overview

Cedric said it best, “Dreams don’t work unless you do.”

The CedintheCity Scholars program is about putting feet to a vision to change the face of travel by encouraging African American students to study abroad and supporting their quests to do so. We hope that this program will alleviate some of the financial burden as well as be a catalyst for African Americans to expand their horizons and deepen their connectivity to other cultures through global travel. This year’s winner will be awarded $1,500.
See last year’s scholarship winner HERE.

Application Criteria

  • African American
  • Active college student
  • Studying abroad Spring 2020

Apply Now

Download an application HERE.

Applications are due November 28, 2019 at 12pm EST to cedinthecityforever@gmail.com.

Other Helpful Information

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For questions or other inquiries, please contact us at cedinthecityforever@gmail.com

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